Free for all Writing

Starting my freelance writing career is consuming my life right now. Well, almost, taking care of my kiddos is definitely front and center, but if I don’t have some other outlet, I might just go nuts. So I’ve been writing. A lot. Tons. In college I freelance wrote, but I didn’t do it often and it was always ghost writing. I’m not so sure that’s what I want now. My words have value, and if I can help someone who’s going through something similar or put a smile on their face, I’ll put myself out there for everyone to dissect. I’m loud, outspoken and have a tendency to cuss way too much, but if people want to judge me on that, I say fuck em’.

I’ve been secretly working on a novel for about two years now. (A sappy romance novel, but at least it has a plot and isn’t erotica.) Amazingly, my husband was on board with the idea of me pursuing something that I had never told him I enjoyed and spent free time doing. I think he just wants to keep me sane so I’ll continue staying at home with the kids. I’ll post more on my research to get started (restarted?) on my freelance work. Fingers crossed I can get some leverage and have something bringing in money soon!


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