The Reluctant Stay-At-Home Mom

One week ago today I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. I can’t say I’m excited about this prospect, but for our family it has to be done. In December of 2014, my husband and I adopted our two children. We have a beautiful daughter, M. She’s 4, almost 5 and she will start kindergarten in the fall. Then we have our son, J, who just turned 3.

Our family didn’t start the traditional way, because I never do things the ‘easy’ way. We took an emergency foster care placement, and two years later, we were able to legally adopt our kids. We knew there were major risks when we took in our children, but until the adoption was finalized we never experienced any issues. Luckily, we have an amazing councillor that visits us twice a week.

M has had minor behavioral issues during our journey, but only recently have we developed some major concerns. She was kicked out of two daycares in two months, meaning something was most definitely wrong. After the last daycare incident, we decided to make some major changes.  Here comes the part where I get to stay at home everyday with my crazy, loud, insanely frustrating and energetic kids.  All while we see psychologists and psychiatrists and specialists to ensure we get the help that M needs.
So join me for a very large glass of wine and I’ll tell you my story…


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