I think I lost my cape…

Yesterday I planned on being the worlds coolest mom, a supermom. Instead, we watched four hours of television and had a failed attempt at making silly putty. My trusty friend Pinterest and I found a great recipe, or so I though. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome making a huge mess with the attempt, but it was nowhere close to silly putty. At least the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Making Silly Putty Gone Wrong

This kept us busy for almost an hour. Luckily my mom was here to help out or I would have had a problem with helping both the kids. Or keeping the rest of my house silly putty free. And keeping them from clogging up the sink while we scrubbed the mess off of them. Don’t try the recipe using cornstarch and dish soap, because it doesn’t work. We tried several different variations and it just didn’t want to come together like it should have.

Staying at home and being supermom aren’t quite working out the way I thought they would….At least my freelancing career seems to be on track. I have two feature articles that come out in July and I’ve started copywriting for a few different companies.


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