Starting New Family Traditions


Coffee is essential to my life. I drink coffee like water. Lorelai Gilmore might be a kindred spirit.

If you don’t get that, you definitely weren’t born in the 90’s,

I’ve been exhausted lately, but I must persevere on. My sanity depends on it.

And…the kids might take over if I don’t. It’s kinda important that doesn’t happen. So I’ve been keeping them busy while I’ve been burning the midnight oil. I’ve been writing/typing so much my fingers are starting to calus. Not that this is a bad thing. It just means I’m tired. Constantly.

Hence coffee being my BFF. Now we’ve come full circle.

To help keep them busy and me keep what’s left of my sanity, we are starting new traditions for the kids. I hope that doing this will help them get adjusted to the new house and our change with me staying at home with them everyday. I started thinking of the little things that might stand out to them as they grow up. Really, I’ve been busy without even realizing it. We’ve done arts and crafts, played outside in the sprinklers, gone on outings. It’s starting to add up and it makes me feel a little better about my decision to stay at home with them.

Never Too Old

One of our new traditions is Disney Movie Night. Every Friday, we are going to watch a Disney movie and eat junk food. Well, my kids consider kettle corn and sugar-free chocolate pudding with strawberries in it junk food, so I’ll consider myself lucky. This week we are going to start with Up. One of my favorites!

What kind of family traditions does your family have? What are some of the best traditions you’ve heard?


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